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WWI/WWII US ARMY M1910 Haversack. Standard pack issued to US leg troops in WWI. The Marines also used them.

In 1910 the U.S. Army adopted the M-1910 haversack (or M10) as the standard back pack for all infantrymen. The pack is essentially a sheet of rugged khaki-colored canvas that folds around its contents (bedroll, clothing, daily rations, and assorted personal items), and is held together by flaps and adjustable buckle-straps. The two shoulder straps are designed to attach to a web belt or suspender configuration. The exterior of the pack has loops, rings, and grommet tabs for attaching a bayonet sheath, a “meat can” (mess kit) pouch, and a canvas carrier for a short-handled shovel (a.k.a. entrenchment tool).

The 100% cotton canvas is the correct weight, the color is a OD#9 olive tan, and the webbing is shuttle loomed.



Weight 2.5 lbs


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