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The Army Close Combat Clasp in Silver was awarded to Germany infantrymen who had participated in hand-to-hand combat, unsupported by armored units, for 30 days. Established on Nov. 25, 1942 by Adolph Hitler, the central design borrows from the General Assault Badge, with a crossed bayonet and stick grenade topped by the state eagle and swastika, all within a square frame oak leaves. The center area is a cut-out design, with a separate piece of blackened metal providing the backdrop. Projecting right and left from the center area are sprays of oak leaves. The reverse, which is fitted with a simple pin-back, bears the hallmark F&B.L, for Funke and Bruninghaus of Ludenscheid. The badge was worn over the left breast pocket, above the ribbon bar. Our high-quality reproduction measures nearly four inches wide.

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