Christmas money can be spent any way you want. I was at a tattoo shop today and the line to get in was nearly around the block. Everyone I talked to was there to blow there holiday cash. Wouldn’t be my choice to spend my hardly earned xmas money, but to each their own.

I prefer to spend mine on something a little more useful, though hardly any more practical. WWII reenacting gear.

Naturally Man The Line is my go to source for everything O.D., and although I’m naturally biased, I feel it’s appropriate to pitch a few of my most wanted items.

So, here are my top three Man The Line items to spend your Christmas money on.


  1. Paratrooper Leather Jump Gloves


Being primarily an airborne reenactor, these are the first item on my list. I’ve seen all manor of leather gloves being used by reenactors as “jump gloves” but I can honestly and without bias say these are the best reproductions I’ve seen so far. Many other reproductions look very much like originals, but the feel of these gloves sets them apart. Reproduction gloves tend to be stiff and uncomfortable, and never seem to fit. These are soft and comfy, with a natural color that doesn’t stand out like some of those neon yellow jobs I’ve seen floating around at events in the past. Work them in with a little dirt sweat and water and they’ll look great, feel great and form to the shape of your hands for the perfect protection for your fingers.

2. USMC 1941 “782” Upper and Lower Combat Field Equipment Packjun23rd-518-298x298

PTO is a growing faction of WWII reenacting. Thanks to films like “The Pacific” and “Heartbreak Ridge” many reenactors are being more intrigued by the idea of “stomping through the Solomons.” With that new wave of reenacting comes a far greater number of USMC events and impressions. And no piece of gear is more important to a Marine impression than the “782” pack. I started my USMC impression a little over a year ago and have been piecing away at it since then. The 782 is tops on my list of “next to buy” and while I don’t have it yet I have gotten my mitts on one of MTL’s repros recently. Top notch as always, the most intriguing part of this piece of gear is the price. $80 for both the upper and lower packs is a steal to say the least. You’d pay at least that much for each piece individually at any other site.

3. U.S. M1917 SBR Gas Mask & Carry Bag


So this is a fairly new item at Man The Line and I’m very excited to try it out. Much like PTO reenacting, WWI is on its way up in the reenacting world. My obsession with the Great War began with an obsession with Boardwalk Empire, or more specifically with Jimmy Darmody. I loved the idea of a WWI vet coming home, putting on some amazingly slick suits and falling into the hay-day of organized crime. So I’ve thus begin a WWI impression, more specifically the 134th Infantry Regiment. I had no idea repro gas masks were even a thing, so when I got to play around with one of these bad boys a couple months ago I got very excited. Gas masks are THE most iconic and horrific prop of the war to end all wars. The price is heavy at $239.95, but I can tell you every last penny is worth it when the huns hit you with gas at your next event.


Good shopping to all and happy holidays!!!!